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Tuesday, March 17, 2009
My new Pal!

Finally, i got my own laptop and an internet connection in my own place here in my pad at QC.

This means more chances of writing about my daily events; whining et. al.

I'm back to the world of writing - i miss this activity so much, i am looking forward to share my juices again (stop being green!).

Let's open a new chapter for this blogsite and let us continue the journey that we started together.

Thanks pal! I am pretty sure this is a wise and healthy investment amidst the crisis.

Posted at 02:22 pm by rharayo
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Thursday, December 25, 2008
Happy Holidays

Today is Christmas Day. This is the first time in my life that I celebrated it away from home (where the heart is and also CDO).

I really want to go home yesterday, however, my schedule won't permit me. There is no available allocation for leave today and should i be absent, I am pretty sure my agents would follow the same. That would be a bigger problem.

So, here I am in the office, enjoying every moment that I have with my agents and other co-workers. I know it would have been far different if I were in CDO right now, with friends and family (without having to worry about work and responsibilities for a day).

I celebrated Noche Buena with my house mates (2 of whom are my agents). We cooked Humba, Fetuccini Carbonara, Caldereta and Fried Chicken. Something to get by was a wine brought by one of our visitors. At 3 am, we proceeded to the office for Work.

Sad as it may seem, this is the reality that I have. Nevertheless, this is a day to count your blessings. I am just thankful for all the friends who are there for me on this special day. To my mom and siblings, I will see you this weekend! And to everyone who is celebrating Christmas at work, let us remember that we are doing this for ourselves and for our family. Let us enjoy the day and make the most with our 2nd family - friends at work. Happy Holidays everyone!

Posted at 04:50 am by rharayo

Saturday, August 30, 2008

I was reading Bob Ong's ABNKKBSNPLAKo yesterday afternoon, and instantly, I was brought back to memory lane. I remembered how life was much simplier then and how contented we were with life.

I also remembered High School, those days when a lot of changes and initiations to life happened, yet we feel awkward to welcome all of them. I remembered my classmates, and how different people from different background and experiences are mixed together in one class and are to bow that they will stay together through thick and thin...mushy!!!

More than 10 years after highschool, more than 100 miles away from our old school, we are to meet again at Gilligans, Makati tonight. This is not the first, since we have had a lot of reunions, gatherings, birthday parties and other events that we organized after high school, but one thing is for sure, after the initial greetings, update of current status and affilitiations, everyone will reminisce again how wonderful high school was. Each one will try to outdo everyone in trying to recall the most memorable activity..the worst event..and just about anything under the sun. Trivial it may seem, this kind of memory-sharing keeps us bonded all these years. Even when we dont see each other that often, at least we know we have something shared that we can always talk about...until the next meet up.

And this will be added to another story for the history of Xavier University's 4A Class of 1996.

Posted at 11:42 am by rharayo

Friday, February 08, 2008
1st day of work for 2008

Today is my first day at work as a team leader in a contact center here in Quezon City.

Within a few hours after I signed my job contract, I headed for operations to observe and help (in any way i can, hehe) the agents.

Training for my account will still be on Monday, so I am just taking my time to familiarize myself with the way things are done in my new company. This, of course, is an edge for me so that I won't look disoriented when the ball starts rolling (this is it!).

For now, I will just take my time. I am coping with the nocturnal lifestyle again since I have to make necessary adjustments to my body clock ( I usually sleep around 3 am).

As I write, I am fighting the urge to fall asleep  by blogging (what a wonderful way to counter slumber!). The venti starbucks coffee I have is not of help (can I just have a frap?), but who am I to complain? It was given to me!

So before I bore you further with my trivial thoughts, I better start working again. Still a lot of questions hanging in the air!


POST SCRIPT: To my chinese friends, Kung Hei Fat Choi!!! Happy Year of the Earth Rat!

Posted at 03:07 am by rharayo

Wednesday, January 23, 2008
On track for 2008!

I'm back....tsk..tsk...

Well, I already have interenet access and a laptop here, in Cdo, that is. A few hours ago, the Smart Bro Technicians came to my place and connected me to the world wide web. Amazingly, processing and installation only took 24 hours!

So here I am again...writing about my travails. Unfortunately, this will only be a one week indulgence. Hopefully, by wednesday next week, I will be leaving for manila and work for another company. That means, I will be damn busy and will not be having internet connection again. Im so bored with cafes, I just can't write with all those kids shouting while playing online games. Lol!

For the past months, a lot of things happened.

My love life has gone from nil to an overdose of amorous feelings...then nil again. I just get by it. I would have loved to share the details, but it is so 2007!

Work, last year, was also a roller coaster ride. I resigned from my last call center job in April, thinking that a day job was more suitable for me. By June, i got hired in a vintage costume jewelry firm, only to realize that I will last only for 6 months. I was an account/marketing manager and had a flexible schedule, but i eventually got bored and sick with the job. People there just don't have a life! So, by December 2007 I signed my second resignation letter for the year.

Albeit all these, I have no regrets. 2007 is over and 2008 has a lot of things to offer me. I can only count my blessings.

5 days past my birthday (18 January), I shall write some of the things that I claim will happen for me this year.

1. Get a good paying job.
2. Stay in Manila
3. Have a love life.
4. Travel...vacation. Outside of the country.
5. Buy a
6. Buy a new cellphone...upgrade my one year old phone!
7. Manage a team.
8. Have aesthetic surgery..rhinoplasty!!! haha!
9. Start saving for a house i will soon build on my lot in El Salvador, Mis. Or.
10. Visit Cdo at least 4 times within the year, and visit Cebu at least twice.

These and more things shall come my way. And it will all start, next week!

Try doing this exercise and you will realize how much blessings you have. Think of the universe as a menu, where you can just order what you want. In due time, things will happen because you claim it. It is the law of attraction, as told by "The Secret." So, tell me, what are yours?



Posted at 02:56 pm by rharayo

Wednesday, July 18, 2007
bored again

I'm in an internet cafe right now...


The thing is I have a flexible schedule. I go to the office at just about anytime I want to as long as I complete 48 hours a week. Sadly, I'm having a hard time to complete the required hours because the office usually closes at 7 pm. I arrive around 2 pm. Haha!

Remedy: work in an internet cafe.

Good thing our company email is web based so I can open it anywhere as long at there's internet. Also, we are using SKYPE for my call outs.

As of press time, Im still having a lot of difficulties downloading skype... i'm feeling exasperated on how slow the downloading gets. Darn! It's taking forever. Will I be able to work with this set up? I need to call us much customers in London, and boy its almost 4 pm there. Download is still at 40%. Amazing how fast it is to download MIRC than skype. Im doomed!

One downside working in a cafe is that the kids are so noisy and rowdy! People even shout! Good heavens! Where the hell are their mothers! These kids should be sleeping by now.

Too bad, I still don't have a PC in my apartment. It would have been much peaceful and convenient. But what can I do. I better start working now...oh well, I better start chatting now. I'm trying to kill time while waiting for my downloads.

Posted at 09:44 pm by rharayo
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Monday, July 02, 2007

Im back... cause im so bored.

The internet is so slow, I wonder when will change our ISP. Arggh!

It has been a couple of months since I resigned from Etelecare Global Solutions, my home for one year and 2 months. I already called it quits with the call center industry after almost a 2 year stint. Maybe I will be back...maybe.

After one month of bumming around, soul searching at different beaches (Badian, Bantayan Island, Dakak, Maribago...) and realizing that I am such a bitch, I decided to be part of the employed statistics.

I am currently working for a jewelry company that uses vintage stones to create custom made pieces. It's a day job and is quite interesting. I do marketing and Account Managent. I also do call outs, collections, email correspondence, send fax and whatever have you. Pay is not as much as a sales call center agent (no commish!) but good enough to survive until the next pay day.

Darn, I'm so bored...and 1.71 MB file that I have been trying to download is not yet done. I better get myself occupied with other things. I hope to write again...

Posted at 11:44 am by rharayo

Tuesday, October 10, 2006
Move on

A lot of things are happening at work. I was handpicked from the 160 agents of the Outbound department to be part of the 30 new retention/saves agents. Training will start tomorrow and this is another challenge I will face. From outbound, I will now be taking inbound calls and the numerous problems of customers shall come.

I will surely miss outbound and I hope to be back soon. This is just a phase... i will be back!

Rockstar... we belong!

V dancers and Moi

my beloved wave 6

Fab 5

Team Tin rules! hehe

The barako boys



Posted at 06:36 pm by rharayo
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Sunday, September 24, 2006
CDO trip part 1...

I know this came in very late...but i just wan to document my short vacation in CDO since I barely have time to go home due to work.

August 27, Sunday

On my way to the port of CDO, our boat was escorted by 3 jet skis who playfully ushered us to the port area. It was as if their way of welcoming us to the "City of Golden Friendship" (if you have gold, you have friends).

Cagayan de Oro sunrise

We arrived at around 9 a.m., 2 hours late of the scheduled E.T.A., so the sun was already up and the cab drivers were taking full advantage of the situation where there were many passengers at the port area. Taxi rates would surge up to 200 bucks for a 10 kilometer ride (crap! is this cebu or manila? no offense meant). I managed to get a cab somewhere in Gaisano Mall (yes, I did took a jeep to another location to avoid the usury, hehe) and arrived home at 10 a.m. I was greeted by my cute dogs.. Nove and China

Nove and baby China

Cutie China!
I had a hearty breakfast and I proceeded to meet up with my friends a few minutes later. I went to see Cacai and lover Jonas and the chit chat went on for hours. By 6 p.m. I was on the road to the downtown area to meet my friends. I met up with MJ (just came from work) and I was treated to a glass of Coffee Freeze. We talked for an hour and she was scheduled to go to Camilla Homes to watch over her Lola.

Miyat Girl MJ

Moi and MJ
A few minutes before MJ was set to leave, my designer friends arrived and we were having a ball talking just about anything under the sun. It was a wacky group and we also touched details on the over-the-rocks love story of CDO designer Mark Yaranon (deception, betrayal...third party sucks!). The ever so witty Brian Aloquin (Cebu designer) created so much stir to the ever controversial discussion. Tito (brian's assistant) and Albert Rivera(Accessory and Fashion Designer for Cebu and CD0) went out for a break (they wanted to meet up some boys, got bored with the juicy tsismax). Janus and Denine also came to share their piece of mind.

Look at them all so grown..haha..Albert, Tito, Brian and Mark..Fab designers

Persona of the Mark Yaranon
At the heart of the controversy..wacky trio..Moi, Brian and Mark
Janus, Moi and Denine

Former Supermodels...ambot unsa na sila karon?
August 28 City Fiesta
Ever the nocturnal that I was, I woke up around noon time and never intended to go house hopping for the fiesta celebrations. I went to MJ's house (our neighbor) to upload some pics and download music to my phone and we were online for several hours. By 8 pm, we were in D.V. Soria to meet up with Mark again and MJ's boyfriend Ken and go to their Tita Charisse's place for dinner (ok, namiesta gihapon ko!) in Corrales. We were at the Fortich residence and the food was good. They even had a chocolate fountain c/o Chef Mon-mon.
MJ and Lover Ken at Fortich residence

mark again?
After the sumptous dinner, we headed to Park Cafe to wait for Brian, Tito and Denine. We then proceeded to the site for some  intoxication. I got myself a glass of Tequila Margarita. Darn,  I was literally given a glass of Margarita in its crude Cuervo drinking glass packaging (can't I get myself a coctail glass?). Officemate James was there so I hopped to their table. He was with some peeps from inbound department (same account as ours) and they invited me to go white water rafting the next day. I don't fancy the sport, so I gave a gracious "no thanks for the invitation!". It was accoustic night at the Site, so we were treated with light music. The singer of the band was my friend from college who happens to be one of my actors in my theater group Dulaang Atenista (i was the director, ehem!). 

James and Friends

Denine..the mona lisa look

August 29, Tuesday

Tired from the hectic schedules and the long nights full of stories amidst the cool early morning wind (TUN-OG anyone?), I decided to stay home and just went to MJ's place to hibernate. By afternoon, MJ's lover Ken arrived and we were just chillin' the whole time. I was busy on the net surfing and chatting the whole day. Iven was there to complicate matters a bit with his inquisitive questions. In the evening, MJ's bro Carlo was drinking with his buddies so I just joined them. I was still online with a glass of beer on the side.

mj, ken and iven

Web cam shot

what are you drinking?

Pretty boy Nassif..hehe


August 30, Wednesday

After a day hiatus from the hustles and bustles of the city, I went to meet up with Jugger, my designer friend who is taking Nursing on the sides (career to the max!). He was busy meeting up with some guy so I decided to go to his school (Capitol University) to meet him there. Good thing I met Francis (another friend) who happens to be working in the call center there (yes, CU now has a call center). So he accompanied me while I was waiting for Jugger. I had a short tour in the campus and saw Carl teaching a group of nursing students dance choreography for their school intramurals. An hour later, Jugger arrived and we were on our way to his shop to meet up with his mom.


Moi and Jugger

Jugger inside his shop

We went to Xavier Heights for dinner and was at the basketball court for some naughty stuff.

I know what you did in the dark..hehe

August 31, Thursday...

MJ, Ken and I went to Blueberry's to have a mid-afternoon lunch. Food was great at Blueberrys Cafe and I had a plate of Lengua Estufada. Superb! Ken and MJ each had a plate of Sizzling Chicken. I saw Ryan (controversial guy of my friend's life) and I asked him I could have a pic with him (just to stir things up...he's becoming fast a celebrity, and mind be ending his career as a model soon! Thanks to local fashion industry!)

The famous Blueberry Cafe Train...cho cho!

Lovers in red..secured!


That is Ryan Marquida... I could smell controversy!

By 6 p.m. we were on our way home. Details of the events were published in an earlier post (see Chillin')...

September 1, Friday

The mother of all nights! So, I thought! Well, Laine already arrived in the city along with Barbie, AJ and Sly (Friends who are working in People Support). We met up at Park, and Laine said he wanted to get a quick shower. Good thing, Mark and Joshua (youngest designer in town? huh!) arrived so I was with them while waiting for the rest of the guys to arrive. I accompanied them to Consuelo's Steak House for a meeting with Cagayan de Oro's top designers and some representatives from the Provincial Tourism Board. There was Benjie S. Manuel, Mark Yaranon, Ruvil Neri, Alquinn, Manang Nash and more. They were working on a fashion show that was staged last Sept. 18 at the provincial grounds, featuring the Governor of Misamis Oriental, Municipal Mayors and local models. I shared my pieces of idea to their meeting as well, to be a productive participant.  

Joshua...Cdo's current youngest designer..hehe..cum call center agent!

Designers having a good smile!

Now, they mean business...

Representatives for the Provincial Tourism Board

By 10 p.m. the meeting was over and we went to Park Cafe again to chill. An hour later, the gang was assembled... filthy, party hungry cosmosexuals (hmm..homosexuals more like it) are out to conquer CDO... We checked out's one of the new bars in the city. The place was nice except that it was so light blue..could have been better if it were a bit darker.. and people were not staying too long... good music but expensive drinks.

Barbie.. pre-bar hopping mood

Joshua, AJ, Sly, Moi and Barbie at a tacky bar!

Jugger and Laine at Eleven50

How cozy could you get!

Aj and Sly, what's that Cali bottle doing there?

Mj and birds!

The intoxicated look!

Barbie and Me!


After Eleven50, some of the guys called it a night. So the rest of us proceeded to the Front Street for some more booze. Michael, Burong and other friends from Xavier University also came.

Patrick, Aj and Borgy

Patrick, Borong in his Nurse Uniform and Michael

It was a long night, and this post is also getting longer. I'll spare stories of my other vacatio days for my next post...laterz...




Posted at 05:13 pm by rharayo
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Sunday, September 17, 2006

I went to Vudu last night with my friends from work. I had fun dancing and just being loose. Amidst the fact that I wasnt able to get any sleep for more than 27 hours, I managed to go dancing from 2 am till 5 am. I went home at around 7 am, after a hearty breakfast at Sinangag Express in Lahug, and I slept by 8 am. Around noon and 20 minutes late, I was on my way to Metrosports because I was co-hosting the Closing Program of our company's Sportsfest. It's been quite a while that I last hosted and I felt so tired after the whole marathon. Too much fun, short of rest.

Pictures say a thousand words...then go figure... I had a blast!


Posted at 09:33 pm by rharayo

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